Hydrate NOW


High Level Concept:


Get reminded to drink water when you are drunk


Job To Be Done:


Minimize hangover


Growth Channel:


Prelaunch assumption: Press


Reality: Press! (love it when a plan works)


Analysis: Snapchat discover really can drive app downloads






Business Model:


Use the app as an advertising vehicle for other apps that monetize.


Analysis: Even though we did get a decent amount of downloads (12K) only a very small fraction (<100) downloaded Electric, which was the app we advertised in Hydrate NOW. Another reminder why you must provide users with a clear reason and appropriate incentive if you want them to take action.


Technical Difficulty:




Closing Thoughts:

More than anything this app was a confidence boost for the team and I. It was a reminder than plans can work out when you are thoughtful about them. Unfortunately, we were only thoughtful about the growth of the app and not the conversions.