Truth or Dare

High Level Concept:

Drinking game


Job To Be Done:

A game that will help to break the ice at a party


Growth Channel:

Same as kings cup


Business Model:

Freemium – same as kings cup

Technical Difficulty:

1/10 this app will get a 1/10 rating because it was basically a skin of our kings cup app.


Closing Thoughts:

To took less than a day to develop this app since it was an almost an exact skin of Kings Cup and we figured it would just be another ticket in the app store optimization lottery… It was not a winning ticket.


One other side note, even though the app only took a day to develop, it did not go live on the app store for quite some time. Apple rejected the app on a few occasions, saying that there were enough truth or dare apps and that the app store didn’t need anymore. I’ve gotten quite a few bizarre rejections from the app store, but this has to be up there. We wound up just changing the name and resubmitting a bunch of times until it got approved.

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