Kings Cup

High Level Concept:

Play kings cup without needing a deck of cards


Job To Be Done:

Play kings cup without needing a deck of cards


Growth Channel:

Prelaunch assumption: App Store Search ads + App Store Optimization

Reality: Could not find a sustainable growth channel

Analysis: Coming off of the app store optimization success of Electric and seeing the absolute killing that Picolo and others have been making in the drinking game space we thought it would be straightforward to make a simple and highly profitable app. Our thinking was that if we made a good product (which we did), got good app store optimization and had a business model that enabled us profitably acquire users via search ads we would have a winner. While the approach makes sense, we failed to get good app store optimization and we could not acquire users profitably via search ads.

Business Model:

Freemium. We would offer some game types for free and others that you would have to purchase.

Technical Difficulty:



This is about as simple as an app can get, but just in case I am wrong I won’t give it a 1/10 on the technical difficulty scale.


Closing Thoughts:

App Store optimization is black magic. I have no idea how it works and would not recommend that anyone plans for it to be their primary growth channel prelaunch. If you stumble into good ASO like we did with Electric then power to you, but it is not something you can rely on.


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