High Level Concept:

Video question and answers


Job To Be Done:

???? (should have been a big sign)


Growth Channel:

Prelaunch assumption: influencers + users sharing videos outside of the app

Reality: People would not share their videos outside of the app and the app saw virtually no growth outside of the initial users we got from a few influencer.


Business Model:

We had none.


Technical Difficulty:


There was nothing particularly challenging about developing Quvoke.


Closing Thoughts:

With Quvoke, I think that we built a beautiful app, however, that was irrelevant because the aesthetics, functionally and features are not where the app derived its value from – its value came from the other people that were actively using the app. We failed to get people to actively use the app and that is why the app failed.

If I were to do it over again I would focus the Q&A around one vertical and then try and expand from there.

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