High-Level Concept:

Anonymous video question and answer

Job To Be Done:

Learn what your friends think about you

Growth Channel:

Prelaunch: text message invites

Reality: text message invites

Analysis: I am such a scummy asshole for doing this. Our onboarding flow made it so that it was very difficult to not end up texting invites to your entire contact list (I did it twice… by accident). When all was said and done, we wound up sending >1,000,000 text, costing us >$10,000.

Tuition at my university was $9,000 a year – Mustknow was slightly more expensive, but I wound up learning infinitely more. We got >40,000 app download in the first 3 days and it’s safe to say that we did not have 40,000 DAU’s the three days following.

Business Model:

We were going full silicon valley on this one - a business model was the furthest thing from our mind.

Technical Difficulty:


Some of the face tracking and voice changing stuff a bit tough.

Closing Thoughts:

I cringe every time I think about Mustknow.

We were reckless children in a space that requires a company to be the exact opposite; thoughtful adults. On top of the scummy behavior, it cost us a bunch of money and we failed to execute in many other important areas of the app.

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