High-Level Concept:

Insert any head into any video

Job To Be Done:

Put a head overtop someone else's head in a video without requiring any video editing expertise. 

Growth Channel:

Prelaunch: Watermarked videos shared on other platforms

Reality: could never get the product to work and thus could not really tell

Business Model:

In-app purchase

Technical Difficulty:


When building this app in the fall of 2016 this app was very challenging to build. Perhaps advances in face tracking tech will make this a more attainable app to build.

Closing Thoughts:

If someone is actually able to build an app the allows people to select any video and then overlay a new face on the faces that are in the video I am certain they will have a big time winner on their hands. Writing this I am tempted to go back and take another stab at creating Headswitch.

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